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Sustainability Principles

All kinds of waste generated as a result of the activities carried out in our hotel, sorting at source, collection, temporary storage,
control after recovery, transportation and disposal processes to ensure.
• To minimize the damage to the environment during the use of natural resources.
• Constantly growing and developing with our management systems and goals establishing sustainable performance criteria
• To minimize the environmental impacts resulting from our activities, By making all kinds of monitoring, measuring, analysis and control in order to prevent pollution to fully comply with all legal regulations related to the environment.
• In addition to the people of the region, non-governmental organizations, institutions and organizations to shape our policies by taking into account their work
• Continuous training program to create environmental awareness for our employees to apply
• “Sustainability Team” established for sustainability to carry out the necessary studies for continuous improvement,
to report to the team leader, and the team leader to the senior management make presentations on work

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